40ft Blast Freezer -76°F to -4°F (460V/230V 3P)


Operating Voltage*:

           460VAC 3φ 32A

40 ft blast freezer containers provide dependable, mobile, quick-freeze solutions for high-value seafood, meats, and pharmaceuticals. The shipping container freezers are designed to provide an even interior blast freeze at temperatures as low as -60°C (-76°F).

The freezer containers are equipped with an evaporator fan built for high-pressure temperature decreases as well as an adjustable ceiling fan to fast reduce cargo temperature. With our custom fabrication choices, you may customize the freezer containers to match your needs. The 40ft -60°C blast freezer containers are available for nationwide shipping.

40ft Blast Freezer -76°F to -4°F (460V/230V 3P)